The Senior Management

One rule




”When we don't know what to do to improve the song, then we know it's finished.”

Line up


Göran Edman - Vocals

Magnus Rosén - Bass

Henrik Zetterlund - Drums

Dennis Heltorp - Guitars, keys

Country Metal

How it all started


In the summer of 2015 guitarist Dennis Heltorp and drummer Henrik Zetterlund formed the rockband The Senior Management. Together they have been involved in different music project since the late 80’s. During the first half of the 90’s they collaborated in the band Y.M.I where they reached the finals in the Swedish championship of rock music.


In the mid 90’s Y.M.I played at a rock festival and was warm up act for Billionaires Boys Club who was headlining. Billionaires Boy Club was Jörg Fischer (Accept),Anders Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen) Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsten, John Norum)and Magnus Rosén (Hammerfall). Magnus was at the time in the beginning of his career and that later would bring him to several successful years with Hammerfall. Göran had recently left Yngwie Malmsteen band when he replaced Marc Boals in Billionaires Boys Club. During this rock festival, it was the first time we all met and none of us had any idea that we 20 years later would team up together as The Senior Management.


In order to find their sound they did some attempts with different voices like Tony Martin from Black Sabbath and discussed with Jeff Scott Soto from Journey, Talisman and more. However, all pieces fell into place after the first demo run with Göran. He finally added with his voice and amazing vocal harmonies the missing piece to complete our sound.


Some listeners say that The Senior Management sound like a blend of The Eagles and Thin Lizzy. Others have said they sound like Journey or Bon Jovi.


Well, the band simply call it Country Metal.